Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople : 1453

A painting of Mehmed II and the Ottoman Army approaching Constantinople



The fall of Constantinople marked a big shift not only for the trajectory of the city and the battle of the empires, but also for the city's landmarks such as the Basilica Cistern. In 1453, Sultan Mehmet sieged the imperial capital in a conquest that would take 46 days. After the conquest, the Basilica Cistern continued to be used to supply water to the local buildings, but now it was primarily used to supply the Tokapi Palace, where the Sultans resided. In an ironic twist, the privisions for the Tokapi Palace under Ottoman rule picked up whe Great Palace under the Byzantine Empire left off. However, this quick revivial and importance of the cistern did not last long; the Ottoman's quickly found more preferable ways to maintain the palace's gardens, and the cistern’s significance and importance in modernizing Istanbul continued to diminish.