Conclusion and Google Map

Dachas are central to the urban Russian lifestyle, and with its widespread and heavy prominence throughout the country, has changed and shaped the culture of the country. As seen through comparisons between so-called “famous” dachas and those of the commonplace citizen, there is actually extreme inequality in the quality and purposes of the dachas. Dachas of prominent individuals like political leaders and famous writers serve a similar purpose for its residents in terms of being a retreat or refuge away from the hectic metropolis. However, these famed dachas are often quite different in aesthetics and other purposes from the typical Muscovite dacha. These dachas are interesting case studies because they highlight the division between the prominent and famed upper class of politicians and writers and the commonplace “typical” resident. Both in their times of prominence and in today’s society, these famous dachas signify and represent a deviation away from the common and typical culture of a dacha, toward luxury, modernization and industrialization.