Moscow International House of Music: Moscow as a Global City

Treble Clef Weathervane on the Moscow International House of Music

The Moscow International House of Music

Moscow International House of Music

The Moscow International House of Music illuminated at night

One of Tsereteli’s more subtle contributions is the weathervane-like treble clef sculpture that tops the Moscow International House of Music. Rotating like a weathervane, the 9.5 meter tall, 2 ton treble clef crowns the dome of the building. The opening of the building in 2003 debuted a new orchestra, the National Philharmonic of Russia. The House of Music contains the first classical music hall constructed in a century in Moscow(1). It has three different concert halls, each one on a different floor of the building(2). The building itself is a cylindrical structure made mostly of glass and steel. 

Although Tsereteli’s treble clef isn’t extremely significant to the building, it adds to its modernity. Modern buildings, such as the House of Music, demonstrates Moscow continuing to develop and distance itself further from the Soviet era. Visually, the building is drastically different than traditional iconic Russian structures. The House of Music indicates evolution of the style of architecture in Moscow. The use of steel and glass give the building a contemporary aesthetic. Aside from changing the visual appearance of Moscow, the House of Music has provided an international site in Moscow. The complex is used for conferences, festivals, and other large-scale events, serving as a hub for international affairs(2). The establishment of a global center in Moscow highlights its efforts to become an international city. Built over ten years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the House of Music demonstrates Russia’s growth. The city’s intention to have international power is indicative of its evolution as a city.

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